Gary Markowitz 

Oil Paintings

I generally work for several years allowing a body of work to develop organically from my emotional center. I am an expressionist painter and my work ranges from minimal abstraction to whimsical figurative, erotic to mystical  and quite possibly anything between given my mood and inspiration.

I am currently working on a new series entitled " Heaven and Earth," and my return to more abstract work with a spiritual connection.  My older bodies of work include  series "Raw & Exposed: Faces of Beauty" (2016 - ongoing) evolved allowing my own raw emotions to surface through uncensored brush strokes. The more I authorized freedom in these strokes, the deeper I found authentic  desires, struggles, fears weakness, joys, and strengths. I hope viewers can open to experience their own layers, and moreover to see a beauty in our common humanness – to accept the breadth of emotional expression, as a gift. “Out and About” is a series of contemporary goddesses as they might be in the world today. The “Ladies,” as I call them, are my whimsical take on the goddesses I once painted more seriously in a classically or abstracted style.
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