Gary Markowitz

Gary Markowitz is a versatile creative professional with expertise in various disciplines. Currently, his principal focus is on Fine Art oil painting, and on private and group instruction.

Markowitz’s 30 years of abstract and contemporary expressionist oils have been exhibited and collected by spiritual centres and private clients worldwide.

His artistic career has included solo exhibitions in Paris France, Berlin Germany, Barcelona and Cadaqués Spain, Maui Hawaii, and Denver Colorado. His works also have been exposed in galleries and group shows throughout the United States.

He is well known for his talents and experience as a Creative Director, Designer, Photographer, and Illustrator, and for award-winning contributions in Magazine and Book Design and Publishing, advertising and corporate communications. Two art-related noteworthy editions:

“ One Source Sacred Journeys, A Celebration of Spirit and Art” 1999, “Bridging Time & Space - Essays on Layered Art.”

The mysteries of life propel and inspire his quest for beauty - personally and generally. He has evolved deeply in personal exploration. He is profoundly inspired by the works of great art, and he is ever-ready to contribute his own authentic, sincere prolific creative talents.

Gary’s work is Influenced by his many years living abroad in Spain, France and Japan as well as in the Hawaiian Islands. He now lives in Colorado.

"Markowitz´s elegant approach emerges from the depths, from the zone of that very fine line between the rational and the ethereal of the spiritual. The essence in each of his paintings arrives from his most authentic self. Nothing comes free, but the freedom in his works flow generously, which is demonstrated in the skilled blending of color. Within his paintings there is consistently present a sense of great hope that oozes continuously throughout the spaces."

– María José Marti, Galerista, Punto Arte, Barcelona

Artist Statement
My paintings vary from ethereal abstraction  to representative - even  bold or provocative figurative work. A  body of work can take months, even years to evolve. I often work simultaneously on several different bodies of work as I reflect and explore different themes, feelings, styles and techniques. Spirituality, humanity, nature, gender are common themes I return to again and again.

Connecting to what I call ”Source”, “Oneness” is my most re-occurring theme.” Just being in the studio and painting, allowing colors to blend is inspiring.  I often start a new painting with a feeling or an emotion. Sometimes a visual impression offers a vague direction, then I surrender to the moment, open to new impressions, allow the colors to flow and bring me ‘something’  exciting or intriguing. The movement of the paint takes me and almost as if the canvas is speaking to me an image/story emerges from within or onto the canvas.

Layer by layer a story unfolds through the process, much like life taking one step a time sometimes with a direction or feeling but really not knowing what the future will bring. The mystery yet to unfold is the gift. It is an organic approach allowing the painting and story to evolve. A process that is always new and evolving.

I have exhibited my works since 1994. My works have been featured in solo expositions in Paris, France, Barcelona, Spain, Cadaqués, Spain, and my works have shared group expositions and representation in Berlin, Germany and in New York, San Francisco, Hawaii.

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